воскресенье, 28 октября 2007 г.

суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Sun refuel

Thank you today is a little bit rausschaust, reinschaust, by. So were long gone. Without you I did not go well. Everybody needs a bit of yourself.
I am glad that you are there.

The pain of other people

It is always easy to say, I am sorry that you feel so bad, if we do not know how the feeling is. Because you know how he feels? Because you know how they feel?
So you have no feelings. You are much too strong for emotions. The kotzt me so. This is so shitty. You can not even you admit to yourself what you feel. Everything you feel is played. Is it terrible? Dramatic? So much the better. More mitleid of people who really have feelings. They know how it is when something terrible. You know nothing. You come out much later that you were shitty. Great feeling. Now I know I was insensitive and shitty.

November salve

And already in October ....

(Niesel) rain, gray, nebel, cold, wet.
* I cherish you.

* Jaaa I know.

* Mpfua!

K as kazusa or rabbit

Sex days yet!

Can not believe that I might not have known.

Me so happy. But for me chs really sufficient. Now getting really very broken. Ok. See you soon. Surprise would have been nice, would not it? Yes. But no matter. :) Coming. That's what important.

Our. Dein.
Our. Name.
Dein. Everything.

четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.


You are never at home! You never help me clean up. Sometimes you look at your room. In the budget, you have to help me. And with us to talk. Every day you come so late. Everything can you make me. You must help. Home is home!

It is just not. Home is not at home. I am every day at home. And here too. 2 times tidy, 2 times help - this is exhausting. At 2 and simultaneously locate sein- that is not possible. Every day I come back to my schlafnest. Until my wings are strong enough ....


Every time
I can no longer fall
Whether it has or not hintergedanken
Every time they talk about you
Wut comes in me,
Every time they mention your name
I will be suspicious

Rephrasing (vs. sanskrit. Swahili)

Damn it! All i wanted to say was: i really really hope you're fine. I hope you get along well. I hope everything works out. I hope you can trust. I hope you find peace. I hope you find anything you need.

It's not that i do not believe you (or did not you addressed me at all). But you told me to write if I'm unhappy and not well. And you want to write if you're feeling good and everything's fine, you said you'll write. But you did not. So .... Is everything really ok?
I was just worrying .... As always. I did not want to be irritating. I hoped you knew.

You make me so sad
Both of you
I do not know
I do not understand
It's over
I give chances
Not only second
Again and again
And again
Maybe you consider me dumb
I believe in the good
People make mistakes
Not only once
More often
And again and again
And again ....
A promise is not a promise
Other ... Mistake again
But we all do
People love
Love's not perfect
Nothing is
Everything is
I hope
Against reason
But that's what is about hope
Is not it
Hope is hope
Also not perfect
But somehow everything there is sometimes
So, perfect
Hope you are really fine
A masked ball is only funny if it's not your life
Hope you fine
Hope you are wrong
In that matter
Hope you never break again
But also hope you can give everything again

Leo citation

: shaun of the dead hab ich gesehen, aber hot fuzz nicht. Maus: shaun of the dead I have seen, but not hot fuzz.

: über hot fuzz hast du gsagt, dass das sicher der ur scheiß is und so und dann hast aber das andere von denen angschaut. Lion: over hot fuzz you gsagt that certainly is the ur scheiß and then did so but the other of which angschaut. "But is very inconsistent of you!"

Talking to you when you're not around goes like this

We miss him, do not we? And even if you say you do not, you do. But you did not say it anyway. And even if you would, you can not because you're not here.

I had a dream tonight .... A recurring dream. Really scared me. Everything was so beautiful. And i broke somebody's heart. After knowing him what? A day and a night? But i knew him my whole life on the other hand. Or .... Once upon a dream.

Hope we see today. Have to talk to you about this.

"I know you
I walked with you once upon a dream.
I know you
The gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam
Yes, I know it's true
That visions are seldom all they seem
But if I know you, I know what you'll do
You'll love me at once
The way you did once upon a dream "

(Once upon a dream)


[He keeps me firmly]
If I you just had to know already. Then I would now very different. I hätt me differently. If I you just have to know him before. (Then if you now with me, then would you now belong to me).
[He pushes me and I feel atem in his neck, he sees me with his beautiful eyes and makes me sad he sees me with his sad eyes, and I will be very mulmig in bauch]
If I you just have to know much sooner had ....

... All just a dream.

Without you

We miss you. (Yes, she does miss you too.)

Short message!

There's really bubo. .....................


You have a life of your own. But everythime when I'm with you-i seem to forget that. It's like .... There's only the two of us. And there has never been anything else.
.... .... But then i remember. Not only you have a life of your own. I have one too.


Sometimes, this world on the same level with his world. But only briefly. And with my world comes mostly at the airport. It is not so that they have something special. It is only because, quite OS from everything else. Like going into the wardrobe and then coming out again. But no magic in there, no aslan. Only him. Just a different world. You can not really compare them.
But i still like mine better. Here in my world he is the i need. Here .... He is the i love.

When was the time for you to the most beautiful?

.... Every day anew, I must say: TODAY.
Each tag.
What is special?
You are there.

Yes. Previous fall was also beautiful. It will never again be the same way.
But maybe it is better. ;)

Nice that we understand.
Since when does hase finally?


I freu me every evening when the fine to end today comes from the beautiful tomorrow.

We talked and you said ....

." "You have me."

That was nice ... thank you.

A feeling ....


When you


The lost sister went back a long time ....

.... But there was no one there to receive them.

The really sad about the whole story is that I am totally different, and you no piece of mitkriegst and not see everything. You see how I was, but not how I am.
Speaking of vergangenheitsbewältigung (also for other people ....)
I have two years before you say things, what I can promise you, and what not. What I do and what not. You would not come to the thoughts can ask me again, because I am the same. And what I said, that is not quite so true anymore. I was confused as a whole and got things done .... Yes ancient history.
But you stand still where we left off. And I stand where we started.
- weiß ich, dass ich das nie wieder machen würde. Now, I know that I would never again do. So what?
- ist es schon egal. Now, it is no matter.

Ungesagtes still so much to say

You have tried it. You can not.
I do not know what I shall do. I would like to do, what you expect, but I can not know. Therefore, I can only do what I can. I must be on my way. I understand you. I understand what you do. Somehow, I sensed that something is wrong, but I am told that there is nothing. And so I asked ... (I think). But you did not lie to me, just ousted. And now is no time for talk and no longer there wille. Ok. More, I can not say. I verstehs. If I do nothing, nothing better. But what can I do? .... So I will just wait and see.

And just about the unaccounted for ... I have not suffered. It gave me fun. And it is what I live in my most hate and despise. And funny that I got into the night at 1:30, the email did get .... When I was just about to have thought about it and talked about it hab. I have even forgiven me. Not true. When I think about it I get a hass-wut-innerehitze-anfall/schweißausbruch or aggressionsgänsehaut. Or both. I hate that I made. And then, I have suffered. Manuf but much later that I had done something that I despise, I can perhaps still easier to forgive than I that you have violated (and not only you btw).

My he said "is between you everything in order? You have no more contact as much as before or? " And I always reassured him and said that everything fits. It only takes time .... But sensed that something is not right, I did. As you can see, I also have in the course of years .... mühsamst learned how to ousted.

It does me really and sincerely from the bottom of my heart sorry.

Friday, 7 September 2007

Ten days yet .... Hmm ....
Words words .... .... Everything helps me nothing. I can not express what I feel. Should I see that as a good sign? I can not write, but live ....? Yes about the toll.
But how can I express?
I come with (my) words simply not up to what is inside me. I will simply not do justice to. I can not tell you how much I love you and how happy I am. But I got the feeling that I already ausstrahle in all directions. I have the feeling that I can not hide, and that they see me.
Ten days yet ....

My personal brief for my own personal unknown

It nebelt out quite strong. And there are still some things not said ....


It makes it out somehow unreal. I think it is incredibly beautiful. But I sags thee not. I do not know whether you ichs not just say, because I feel it would have been dissolved and sounds untrue. Perhaps you would not believe me. .... And so would resolve everything. But I would believe me when someone would say? Maybe I say this to you not because you might not understand. Or for you because it is intangible. Is the same thing? Perhaps it is just that I think words can not capture. (My words .... sprachbarrieren). The significance of this. And if I did not words you can say, what then? So I say it does not. This is changing but not in the slightest bit out ....
I would love to you forever ....

(15 sept.2007)

среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Telling you again and again (ready to be ignored and misunderstood)

You were sad.
And you said to me: i read what you wrote .... I and then went to sleep. I woke up and ... but you were not there.
I'm here. Right here. It's just .... You can not stand seeing me right now. I'm not standing beside you.
i will always be here. But .... i will always be here.

I'm sorry i could not keep you in safety forever protect you
I could not hide sorry you ....

On with the show! :)

(Fiber ... the first entry in october was not good. I can not leave.)

(kätzchen) und maus fahren nach oberwart. Hase, maomi 猫咪 (kätzchen) and go after oberwart mouse.

And more is not me? Sad ....
Oktoberanfang .... Sad stuff, semesteranfang, cold .... Hm .... Then we let the times ....

.... But my smile still stays on.

Who will pay me the therapy?

You do not need such things to tell me. I am not as you say. So how you treat me, you must not be surprised that I am so. As soon as I can, I am gone. I am so quickly away your tears is not yet ready to bake runtergeronnen. You think I am so, because you do not understand how I am. And that is why you use words that you know. But it is just as if your wortschatz from love and neid. And every time people who met you and you will find not unsypathisch, you say "love." And what if someone, which you would like to, because you do well, you can not "may have" say, but only "neid."
And you want honesty from me. I do not know whether I can be responsible for that as long as your tränendrüsen tränen produce until they no longer can, and your eyes look as you would not slept for days. And that you did not sleep days .... It should not my fault.
But gratitude I can not expect.
But rest. I can not have? Then I must go.
Why I am still not gone? Because I still can not do.
Now I really must go.

Attention! Amie méchante.

Now we must watch .... Sometime grows on you and you are dead, but perhaps it is better to be dead than to have to always worry that the same acid into the face gets heaped up. There are people who stalken me studivz .... Namen I can not mention. Perhaps even know my blog. But I have to warn the outer .... Caution before friends jealous!

Arrived home

.... It's all in the old. Not really. It's all much better than before. Home is still zuhausiger.

"I could the right now. I'm just ... happy. I've never felt that before. I'm just exactly where I want to be. "

Now I only have away from home, to finally be able to be at home .... Whenever I want.

) (Quoted from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)

Other baustelle (umbau .... rohentwurf)

Just sit with a friend, the friend may not know that I am with him on. I check my emails .... I think nothing boeses. Then, in an email from a friend that I freundin from his party - and hausverbot received. Nice .... The case with the eifersucht. And after something has happened hopefully, I should probably ask me what I do wrong .... So, what do I do wrong?

- Idea. Perhaps I do not what is wrong, but the friends! You can not openly talk with their friends .... But why not really. They have angst before conflicts and dispute?

I talk to your friends. Open and honest. And I have no ulterior. They are my friends. But as so often happens to me, I am sure I am the minority. But they are gay and lesbian, too.

Krieg also why I repeatedly this "friend" -verbot.

I will damn your friends. I have my own!

Why do it all myself. I did not even ask for someone to be like me! I will be honest. And say what I think. And with the people on the way that I want and if I want to be alone also. Not in a group and not as paerchen. I can call them whenever I want and you can talk with them whenever I want.

I take it you are not gone. What have you for a problem?

So lassts me just rest. Let me rest my watch pornos. Let me rest in the penthouse durchblaettern. Let me rest falter. Behaltets you your friends.

I have really enough. I will no longer be the girl friend or the man is with the well understands and can talk to, but you must hide DA GAR ALTHOUGH NO! !

I want to go home ....

"Never knew i could feel like this
Like I've never seen the sky before
Want to vanish inside your kiss
Every day i love you more and more "



I can not help it. Thinking about you hurts. I just can not think of or about you. Not anymore. I just have to stop. Seeing your picture always makes me seeing all your pain. I wish i could help you carry the weights on your shoulders. But you have to go alone. That hurts. For you it must be even worse. I hate to see you in pain. But seeing you means just the same. I feel so sorry for you. I so want to help you. But nobody can. Why not? I really wonder .... I do not understand. Why is it so hard? Why is your look so sad? Why does it have to be like that? It makes me sad to see you sad. Like i said in the beginning .... It hurts.
Does not make any difference that I'm happy. You're part of my life, even if you're not here. Even if we do not talk. Even if we do not see each other anymore.
I'll still be here .... Always.


It really hurts.
My heart is aching ...

All i want is to see you happy.
I always get what i want .... In the end.

I hate good-byes. I really do.
Farewell! Goodbye! Fuck it! I hate it! Every time. Again and again.

Oh .... You have to go. Or you'll be late. Just go ....
I'll just stay here .... Now go!
Do not worry!
I love you!
Just go! Mend that Sucker!

No hard feelings?

Yesterday i saw your face in the mirror. I thought to myself: am i imagining things?
I thought that i saw your hate you feel towards me for the first time. It was like feeling what you were thinking about me. Understanding for the first time that you hate me after all
Do you hate me?
But then you talked to me normal again .... Are you just keeping me close?
I do not know ....

One day in beijing told you in broken english

Me coming back from wall and seeing so many people standing there. All waiting for bus. Want me no waiting! So me standing in the middle. Then bus coming. And not knowing how to do asking. Me thinking. And then thinking of going somewhere and saying qů fragepartikel only knowing ma so me just putting togehter and asking the buswoman this:去北沙滩吗? She answering something that sounds like: dao! - Me not knowing what meaning, but seemed like ok desu. So me jumped on. But being still not sure because different language, calling weina better. Weina saying yes, meaning me in right bus. Me very proud of myself that moment. ^___^

For a breath

I want to be with you ....

Shut the fuck up!

Note to self:
Do not talk to strangers
Do not tell people too much about how much money you spend
Especially if they seem to care
They're fucking you off with what you have to eat
They do not care that HOFBRAUHAUS eat does not mean to fatten yourself
You pay what you pay
And it does not make more sense to eat until you blow
I do not want to go to anywhere else ....
I do not have time ....
I do not care that it did not pay off in his eyes ....
I need this day to be stress
I sure want to go to and nikko trip and everywhere else ....
But time's up ...
I do not want to eat anymore
Period! !


It is prohibited to make phone calls in trains. This disturbs the other fahrgäste. There raucher- and nicht-raucherabteile. Zug in children, as a pissbereich in the pool. Why do people that kindergeschrei less annoying than the people phoning?
Please turn them from their mobile or turn it on silent. Please turn their kids or put them on silent. Valium if they could not, we ask them in place kinderabteil increase or on the kinderzug to wait.

If children can not switch off, it should be a kinderabteil. Smoking, non-smoking, children, 1.klasse, reserved one, and the disposition of more fahrgäste really have their rest ....
No ringing kinder and more ....


Today I have felt closer to Hitchcock.
Bin attacked by a bird.
Did the angst behind it is now understood.
They are not disgusting.
Birds are like bug.
Only different.
If an airline bug you, makes no intention ers.
This is the graußliche.
He will fly you anywhere.
He does not think that you are bigger than him and smashing it can.
(Which you can not anyway, weils would be far too squirmy)
But it knows the bug is not.
He is not mangy
Except he was previously a mensch
And no bug
And now he is a bug
Then he could possibly have made clear that he is graußlich
And it could possibly against themselves graußen
But birds know where they fly
Perhaps my haarband must simply as a good fat wurm ....


Nothing what to do ....
Nothing what I can do ....
Too far away
Too little ahnung
No trust
Just sit and wait until something happens ....

When i say i love you ....
I mean every part of you. Not leaving out a single one. You may consider that odd. But it is not. It's really how i feel. Others may say, it's not true, because .... How can you also love the bad parts? But they do not see, that they're the same? Only a masquerade. All set up and you think, i do not understand because i do not know how it feels .... It may be different, but i know how it feels to pretend .... To pretend to be what you're not. It's from another play .... But still i do know ....

I will not leave .... I just will not .... I'm standing here, right behind you. Go to sleep .... And do not worry .... And when you wake up ... I'll still be here.

When i say i love you ....
I mean every part of you. Not leaving out a single one. You may consider that odd. But it is not. It's really how i feel. Others may say, it's not true, because .... How can you also love the bad parts? But they do not see, that they're the same? Only a masquerade. All set up and you think, i do not understand because i do not know how it feels .... It may be different, but i know how it feels to pretend .... To pretend to be what you're not. It's from another play .... But still i do know ....

I will not leave .... I just will not .... I'm standing here, right behind you. Go to sleep .... And do not worry .... And when you wake up ... I'll still be here.

Mental going ....

Craving for chocolate ....
Bad girl
Bad girl!
Chocolate's not good for you!
Oi! Who's talking to you missy! ?
Chocolate is not good for you.
C'mon .... I share with you ....
Chocolate does make happy ....
It's proven ....
No it's not ....
Whart so? Are you gonna cry?
Let me see if it makes you happy, if i stuffed some of it into your big mouth
There you go .... See?
Oh .... You're actually crying ....
Then it only works for me ....

Lost ....

I am out of my mind?
Talking to myself all the time ....
Saying "fuck" all the time
But not getting fucked
That might be the problem
A fuck may be the answer to my questions
As is weed for other people
No. I'm not talking to myself
I'm thinking ....
I'm lost in thoughts
I want to be lost in you
Or lost with you at least
But you're nowhere near
You're in a place far away
With a friend
Or who you think is a friend
But what does he think of you?
You do not know that.
You think you know,
But you do not.
It's all secrets.
Mysteries ....
See where that got him?
No. ... I did not think so.
I like him this friend of yours.
He means quite a lot to me ....
Hell, he knows it
Writing .... I know because, you'd never read
Never gonna read
Not the kind of thing you do
You just do not.
Not your style
I like it
Your style
His too
Different, but still
I am lost ....
But this time
For words.
Lost for words
Words do not get things right.
A smile set things straight
Only you can not smile with words ....
Can you?
Words fail me.
Do they fail you?
Or is it just me ...?
They fail me ....
And still .... I am here - using them.
I just realized that i stopped talking to you.
Saying "you" but do not mean you.


I like myself i hate myself
I do not know what to think i do not know what to say
I feel confused
Sometimes we all fuck up, right?
Sometimes others fuck up and we do not, right?
I want you to understand what I'm saying.
To take in every word i say and to know the meaning of it. It really know.
Adults are fuck-ups. Everyone knows that!
How come we're adults now?
Nobody asked me if i wanted to be one.
It was just like waking up to it.
There's no fairness in this
When a man loves a woman
That's on tv right now ....
Pretty fucked up
I'm glad I'm not an alcohlic
I do not like cinnamon
A cinnamon-cappucino coffee is the first i got here
Not good
But what is this to you?
In all colors
The red and yellow ones are my favorites
But you like orange
But this might not be so with butterflies
I forgot how to say butterfly in japanese
Cho, cho-something
Fuck it.
This is not trying to mimic what i think i think you'd think you'd like .... This is just everything i can think of at the moment. This is different is not it? Yeah it is .... And that's OK with me ....
Do me a favor, will you? Stop the categorizing .... just stop .... that's not the way it all works.
Everything is just the way it is. That's it. Not more, not less.
Just the way it is ....

Still not online
I'm off thanks for telling me in advance btw
Love and peace
Flowers everywhere .... You see them?
I do ....
I like flowers too
And stones ....
Always stoned
And flowerd
Flowers are beautiful
Flowers are really
Good night you princes of maine, you kings of new england
I love you ....
Both of you ....
And I'm not just saying that ....
I mean it
Although you might think i say it too often
Too much, but not enough .... Like in the song ....
Ye know?
Probably you get it right the other days ....
Telling me if and when you're coming on
I'm going to the land of dreams now ....
Flowers, man .... I tell you
Broken pretty flowers
Broken ....
Like me
Do you remember me?
Really remember me?
Not really huh?
I thought so.
I had a beer today
And right after that .... Or mixed up
Singapore sling a ....
But it was served with ice ....
It should be served straight up
What you think bout that, huh?
But not so into cocktails are ye?
Me neither, man
But what the fuck does it matter
I thought ....
Man, you can as well go for it
Fuck vodka ....
Get yourself a cocktail
(Now I'm talking to meself)
Soo .... I got myself a singapore sling
And then an espresso ....
But it really tasted like hot water with a coffee filter in it ....
I put milk in
But that did not help much either
So. I did not drinkt it
What ye say to that?
I am talking shit?
Yes. But I'm not taking no shit, man
Waited a little longer
But where are you?
Not here
Not with me
I'm sitting here
Not in the dark
But still .... Alone
Why am i doing this
Hell, i do not
I do not know
Then night ....

You're beautiful, man!

Why thank you ....

After a beer I heirat you, after two let me retire

I stood up late and left too early .... For breakfast .... Toll .... Have eaten very little .... All day hunger .... But in the evening want to go eat yes .... Na well .... I wart halt.

Thus began my day with a beer .... The bissl eat in between. Then one. Japanese beer is sweeter than elsewhere. Now I bissl kopfweh. But I am not drunk. They have ordered stuff, and I thought I did, anyway. Once you are there and you come otherwise not have. You have all times cost. Now I walfleisch eaten. No ahnung what a taxi ... Other ... Raw fish to eat is strange .... The meat (yes, fish meat) is different than me ichs presented hab. But not good .... Perhaps getting used to. It is soft and not frayed. What else? Kugelfisch .... Leb yet ....

We were about six. Eltern (not mine, but a few parents halt), a kind of whom (30) his wife (28) and a guy (26 half-Thai, half yakuza). Asks 26 .... There is a reason why you got married? I think a special reason? Or why did you [the idea now sounds strange horseshoe .... But is not that] they have responded "when it is so far, you know dus." Or so the art that the ma in feeling. Or something. He (26), then explains .... Because I think I still hold the feeling when I was buying, no matter what it is, then I would always have a newer or better still something.
I am simply not yet arrived at the point where I can say. That's it.
- Somehow made his mouth made sense .... But somehow .... Not. I did not marry with the understood. But one can also love without marriage. But somehow her from what the parents then said .... And that is something that simply belongs to .... And go to school and to the world, and die. This is just something that makes every once .... It was already weird .... But it should depend on which the halt will marry. But if the scho so people in the head .... Hmmm. If it is for you who you know you do. And marry or not, is a totally different question ....

Dick makes beer? - Is also a question .... Maa .... I think i write because voi the scheiß zam ....


The paradise of many people ....

We take a look at .... The drive fully onto you and you can find the full toll. You can be any (s) (to clarify is that I männlein and weiblein mein,
Next, I write only one of two).
Wahnsinn or? A dream come true. Now you missed nothing more.
Can all (s) to try out. A hotter than the other.
Then you fuck her a few times each, or even more often. And it is always and forever and ever and ever the same again ....

And then? What then? What remains at the conclusion? At the conclusion remains empty.
Because what remains after you came? Nothing.
What makes you the man after all by? And no matter how cool they are ....
The one is not going ....?
Alone .... Cheers people!


Good coffee - where to get?
Free internet - where to find?
Delicious food-hard to find.
Vegetables-what? What's that?
Trash cans at trainstations-only (or conbiinis)

But ....
The trains are right on time
And they have .... I can not think of any other "buts" right now ....

.... The case with the ladies

Nowadays people think Lord with other people have to have, because they love (may). Just because I love, I am not sick or fragile or weak. Since when is a weakness to love? I love from the bottom of my heart, because otherwise it is not. "You have what you cancel" .... I love you from halfway heart .... Hmm .... Perhaps, but what the .... Hm, suspend me for what I ask?
"So that you do not show blöße" is not the schwachsinnigste what you have ever heard? So, what's to be said against love? "Then you are so vulnerable." Yes, but this is just so. Are we all anyway. You have just left at the wall pass. They now have as many wall .... 's Pretty mainstream. Kids! Learn to love! What's better than? ! And what if it breaks my heart? " Hmm .... I also pointed no answer. Berufsrisiko würd I say. It may also incur when dus not use thy poor heart. But it is rather rotten, as it bleeds, you have right. Thank you for your grace, but I do not consumption. Highlights on you. For your heart, which it is needed. Without love, it will need the Lord.
I love from the bottom of my heart because I believe it can. And because I have learned. And it is the best .... You are poor, which have not yet understood ....

Mut to love!
(Mut already belongs to .... but have the lowest number of you)

Hello ....

"Why whe can not get all the people together in the world that we really like and then just stay together? Iguess that would not work. Someone would leave. Someone always leaves. Then we would have to say good-bye. I good-byes hate. I know what I need. I need more hellos. "

- Snoopy


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Recent events ....

Hear chasing cars in the xlogin .... (Which could also be a nachtrag). But it is not. Hear chasing cars still in the xlogin ....

Everything will be better. Tokyo but remains tokyo.

The phone is a great Erfindung. Edo-tokyo the museum was beautiful. Edo was beautiful.

Hab today my card for the school will receive .... I only 3 days there .... Hm.

Have my stuff antigelsen forget ....
We stand as four! ! For few minutes. And I did three gelsenstiche! And the other one does not. No fair! !

Nachtrag part 4 (was it?)

July 6th 2007-22:39 (tokyo)

"If i lay here .... if i just lay here. Would you lie with me and just forget the world. Forget what we're told, before we get to old.
All that i am, all that i ever was ...."

I sit there and rigid five watches. (And also just because beijing, shanghai and hongkong in the same zeitzone. Otherwise wärens 7uhren ....) what's traurigeres ....? The time goes everywhere .... Now I go to shower before I tick tock tick tock tick tock drown ....

Sooo. Got no longer lust nachträge ....
Nor do in order .... Frustrating

Coming home .... (Nachtrag part 3)

Loneliness ....

* A well-known face in a lot to see and feel relieved.
(Without nebenwirkung)

* A people you like to have an email to write.
(If I end of the email come closer, I feel again Goodbyes ....)

* A film to see.
(If from, it also means taking LBG)

And it was as wuerd I come home. The emotion was the wahnsinn .... And then the end .... I wanted the film out, because I had to go to sleep so. But now he was out ....
Back at home was far away.
When the familiar face, familiar with the voting, in which well-known odor in the longed close a familiar person ....
Home is everywhere, where you feel at home. And when people can you better than to locate.

.... Home is where the heart is.

THE BROTHER OF DEATH (nachtrag part 2)

I hate the damned night. I will not go to sleep. Go to sleep is so damn lonely. Now I wines .... The well-known are already gone to sleep. I hate to go to sleep. I hate it. Go to sleep together .... This is always such a separation. I hated segregation. Goodbyes. Goodbyes is scheisse. Werd airport, I am sooo cry in shanghai. I pack about the ned. Sleep is bad. If you einschlaefst together, as have some of the emotion geborgenheit .... But I do. I am feeling as I wuerd grad leave. If the other sourroundings and I am still awake .... This is the biggest scheisse. And sleep alone ....? This is not the beschissenste alternative? Tokyo, I can ausstehn ned. Argh. Leut and here .... I do not know. I want to say zurueckziehn and wait until August is. Mann. Scheisse, the cry is liberating.

Now is scho better.

Nachtrag part 1

Tokyo .... So ....
Where only begin .... Lang did not write it.

Arrival in tokyo
Was tired, because the days before 1 to 3 hours slept.
Second Allergie tag. Swollen eyes, very sexy. Gsd hats seen none. And ausschlag. Ned is more of the left .... Ausschlag, then skin ....
Kinokuniya in harry potter brochure! ! !
Matthias purchased with denchijisho in akihabara.
The people in harajuku on a saturday randomly. Unausgemacht .... The world is so small.

There was no WHAM! And no WOOOOW! .... Am not panicked, swept of my feet. No no! Hats are not everything.

Whenever something is stupid ....
So you go!


How true, how true ....

The food here is bad, unbelievable. For us it is exotic and expensive Japanese eat. But times really. For the price .... This is not a good price performance verhaeltnis.

You can eat the maximum even eat. The second time dus can no longer see. The first three are biting good, then you badly.

The veggie missing .... I never veggie is sooo off here. I am not a vegetarian. But I like to eat veggie. And their Tue. veggie stuff koennens to save. There is not one about the emotion of veggie, but only by sour and salty. I eat is the already so bad. And I am only bissl about a week here.

Veggie needs her .... But it is apparently not as trend here. In contrast to dackeln. The seem so much in it. All rennens with dackeln around .... Call after hab been kept sheep .... But none seen ....

Am now in the school .... From home, I can not write.

Tokyo skin ned to wed ....

I saw a gorgeous redhead yesterday

.... And the war-wow. haare. Has a pony and had beautiful red hair. Have exactly right. And then I have seen a lot more, and männlein weiblein. Mmmm ....

Nikita has a freundin yesterday. Rie. und ist immer pink angezogen. Rie is caucasian and has always attracted pink. They never eat their apple and lets him ever bitten into.

Involuntarily rollicking overtired

Sleep is important.
I sleep too little.
I am not important.


Tomorrow ....
And yet been completed.
Bin overtired.
to sleep! Want to sleep!

がんばってねー! Grinning stuff!

For a fabelwesen, to me at the heart lies

Flowers after a storm

Geschwisterlich, and all equipment,
Stehn, the stooped, dripping in the wind,
Bang and still intimidates and regenblind,
And some weak broke and is destroyed.

They slowly, still stunned and blows,
The heads back to the beloved light,
Geschwisterlich, risking a first smile:
We are still here, the enemy is not swallowed us.

Moi warns the sight of so many hours,
As I grieved, in a dark living shoots,
For night and found me back misery
Holden To light, which I love grateful.

(Hermann Hesse)
I cherish you.

Want, want want!

Want a dog.
Want to talk to you.
Want to finish my paper.
Want to be with you.
Want to sleep.
Want to feel your hand in mine.
Want to relax.
Want you here beside me.
Want summer.
Want you.
Want holiday mood.
You want most of all

W.m. (No! Mozart is not)

Because I already two times I have been asked (and that's a lot considering how many people read this blog) why the manzenreiter 1 +. He is funny and very nice to write emails.

Someone reads his unit and is then ready sometime.

Manzi: "m-hm vortragsstil .... very interesting. But my students should not be trusted. "

Mmm ....

~ Lie in a cloud
~ Dream
~ Night not sleep (1)
~ Love and be loved


Time to go to sleep ... and the feeling of loneliness, and that everything else, is always stronger.

I will not go to sleep. I will not know that he is not there. Do not remember.

The phone remains silent.

Tonight, I am alone.


wie gehts dir? * How you go?

.... Good. Yes. Eh well.

(fragender/erstaunter gesichtsausdruck) was? * (Questioning / surprised snowsuit) what? Really? (Or) yes? Really?

Yes .... Eh am glad that he is finally gone.

(entsetzter gesichtsausdruck) * (Disappointed snowsuit)

(The feeling the need to educate) no. But I go well, because I know that everything fits. Werd I miss him already. But it's all good.

I feel good, although I am sad (little). When you know that everything is good, makes it much easier.

I (dis) like

Telering -
- Abflugterminal (if you wen hinbringst)
Being sad -

+ Ankunftterminal
Manzenreiter +
+ Moon (who has now seen the moon?)
+ Gooseberries
+ Being sad and happy at the same time
Li + shang


Ask why some people like to go your verkühlung? " ? Why? She was interested in my verkühlung. I am not even interested in me for that. Hopefully it go bad. Then I might finally go better. It is clear that if I verkühlung goes well, it is worse to me. Or not?

Why? Why, why, why?
I understand that. I have no lust. I have enough. Well, today is today. Well, that tomorrow is tomorrow.

Let me rest.

Yes. Not always. Only now. Now I want my rest.

Let me simply to rest.

The effect of sun

You can be totally done a lot and makes something for someone, that extremely annoying and tiresome. And most like everything you want to plonk. But then it's over. (And once everything - even the worst day, a wurzelbehandlung an operation, great pain, boredom, pasta with trüffelöl a sturm, weinkrämpfe, trauer an exam, heavy periods ,...)

And then comes a "thank you." (Thank you, you have helped me a lot ....) just a simple thank you. And wut is forget the anger previously used by a smoker and the strength you have consumed is fueled again.

Ma. And the next time, could you instead of "are the latest since rich? ! " Just "thank you" to say ....


I want to spoof me sooooo happy .... Hmmmmmmm ...

Oh .... Still a wonder

"Another question. Would you rather? Love or be loved? You can only choose one or the other! Tick, tock, tick, tock, BONG! Decision time! "

) (From Love, etc.)

The case with the dear ....

[...]." "[...] The habit of dropping the 'I'. One [...] say [s], 'Love you,' and the other say [s], 'Love you too. 'There's nothing shocking about that, nothing out of the ordinary, but I [...] [was] wondering if it was not significant. As if you were not taking responsibility for the feeling [...]."


Is there something to that?

What about 'I cherish you. 'Or an' I love you. 'To a' I do, too. 'Back. What you me too? Auchst me what you think? What about: 'I did love you too. 'Or' I love you too. ? 'Is simply too exhausting to say? Hmmm ....

) (Quote from Love etc.)

I send you a kiss, you will not stand in the rain

Mach me on the way out of the house and so a small 2-Year (?) Contrary to me and send me a handkuss. Mpfua! .... I think I seh not correct and do not know what I shall do. Have thought that I verschaut hab. But then he comes closer and grins at me and says, "Hi!" ^___^

In the rain-dancing, all alone

Mir gehts gut. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Names, which are terrible and the man (in Austria) on the street hears when people call their children or chide
Marcel ~ (unless of course you is with nachnamen proust)
Chantal ~
Kevin ~

.... Great .... Gsd me is still no schakkeline supplied. Ergh!