среда, 24 октября 2007 г.


Today I have felt closer to Hitchcock.
Bin attacked by a bird.
Did the angst behind it is now understood.
They are not disgusting.
Birds are like bug.
Only different.
If an airline bug you, makes no intention ers.
This is the graußliche.
He will fly you anywhere.
He does not think that you are bigger than him and smashing it can.
(Which you can not anyway, weils would be far too squirmy)
But it knows the bug is not.
He is not mangy
Except he was previously a mensch
And no bug
And now he is a bug
Then he could possibly have made clear that he is graußlich
And it could possibly against themselves graußen
But birds know where they fly
Perhaps my haarband must simply as a good fat wurm ....

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