среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

THE BROTHER OF DEATH (nachtrag part 2)

I hate the damned night. I will not go to sleep. Go to sleep is so damn lonely. Now I wines .... The well-known are already gone to sleep. I hate to go to sleep. I hate it. Go to sleep together .... This is always such a separation. I hated segregation. Goodbyes. Goodbyes is scheisse. Werd airport, I am sooo cry in shanghai. I pack about the ned. Sleep is bad. If you einschlaefst together, as have some of the emotion geborgenheit .... But I do. I am feeling as I wuerd grad leave. If the other sourroundings and I am still awake .... This is the biggest scheisse. And sleep alone ....? This is not the beschissenste alternative? Tokyo, I can ausstehn ned. Argh. Leut and here .... I do not know. I want to say zurueckziehn and wait until August is. Mann. Scheisse, the cry is liberating.

Now is scho better.

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