среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

The case with the dear ....

[...]." "[...] The habit of dropping the 'I'. One [...] say [s], 'Love you,' and the other say [s], 'Love you too. 'There's nothing shocking about that, nothing out of the ordinary, but I [...] [was] wondering if it was not significant. As if you were not taking responsibility for the feeling [...]."


Is there something to that?

What about 'I cherish you. 'Or an' I love you. 'To a' I do, too. 'Back. What you me too? Auchst me what you think? What about: 'I did love you too. 'Or' I love you too. ? 'Is simply too exhausting to say? Hmmm ....

) (Quote from Love etc.)

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