среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

.... The case with the ladies

Nowadays people think Lord with other people have to have, because they love (may). Just because I love, I am not sick or fragile or weak. Since when is a weakness to love? I love from the bottom of my heart, because otherwise it is not. "You have what you cancel" .... I love you from halfway heart .... Hmm .... Perhaps, but what the .... Hm, suspend me for what I ask?
"So that you do not show blöße" is not the schwachsinnigste what you have ever heard? So, what's to be said against love? "Then you are so vulnerable." Yes, but this is just so. Are we all anyway. You have just left at the wall pass. They now have as many wall .... 's Pretty mainstream. Kids! Learn to love! What's better than? ! And what if it breaks my heart? " Hmm .... I also pointed no answer. Berufsrisiko würd I say. It may also incur when dus not use thy poor heart. But it is rather rotten, as it bleeds, you have right. Thank you for your grace, but I do not consumption. Highlights on you. For your heart, which it is needed. Without love, it will need the Lord.
I love from the bottom of my heart because I believe it can. And because I have learned. And it is the best .... You are poor, which have not yet understood ....

Mut to love!
(Mut already belongs to .... but have the lowest number of you)

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