среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Coming home .... (Nachtrag part 3)

Loneliness ....

* A well-known face in a lot to see and feel relieved.
(Without nebenwirkung)

* A people you like to have an email to write.
(If I end of the email come closer, I feel again Goodbyes ....)

* A film to see.
(If from, it also means taking LBG)

And it was as wuerd I come home. The emotion was the wahnsinn .... And then the end .... I wanted the film out, because I had to go to sleep so. But now he was out ....
Back at home was far away.
When the familiar face, familiar with the voting, in which well-known odor in the longed close a familiar person ....
Home is everywhere, where you feel at home. And when people can you better than to locate.

.... Home is where the heart is.

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