среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

がんばってねー! Grinning stuff!

For a fabelwesen, to me at the heart lies

Flowers after a storm

Geschwisterlich, and all equipment,
Stehn, the stooped, dripping in the wind,
Bang and still intimidates and regenblind,
And some weak broke and is destroyed.

They slowly, still stunned and blows,
The heads back to the beloved light,
Geschwisterlich, risking a first smile:
We are still here, the enemy is not swallowed us.

Moi warns the sight of so many hours,
As I grieved, in a dark living shoots,
For night and found me back misery
Holden To light, which I love grateful.

(Hermann Hesse)
I cherish you.

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