среда, 24 октября 2007 г.


The paradise of many people ....

We take a look at .... The drive fully onto you and you can find the full toll. You can be any (s) (to clarify is that I männlein and weiblein mein,
Next, I write only one of two).
Wahnsinn or? A dream come true. Now you missed nothing more.
Can all (s) to try out. A hotter than the other.
Then you fuck her a few times each, or even more often. And it is always and forever and ever and ever the same again ....

And then? What then? What remains at the conclusion? At the conclusion remains empty.
Because what remains after you came? Nothing.
What makes you the man after all by? And no matter how cool they are ....
The one is not going ....?
Alone .... Cheers people!

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