четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

The lost sister went back a long time ....

.... But there was no one there to receive them.

The really sad about the whole story is that I am totally different, and you no piece of mitkriegst and not see everything. You see how I was, but not how I am.
Speaking of vergangenheitsbewältigung (also for other people ....)
I have two years before you say things, what I can promise you, and what not. What I do and what not. You would not come to the thoughts can ask me again, because I am the same. And what I said, that is not quite so true anymore. I was confused as a whole and got things done .... Yes ancient history.
But you stand still where we left off. And I stand where we started.
- weiß ich, dass ich das nie wieder machen würde. Now, I know that I would never again do. So what?
- ist es schon egal. Now, it is no matter.

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