среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Lost ....

I am out of my mind?
Talking to myself all the time ....
Saying "fuck" all the time
But not getting fucked
That might be the problem
A fuck may be the answer to my questions
As is weed for other people
No. I'm not talking to myself
I'm thinking ....
I'm lost in thoughts
I want to be lost in you
Or lost with you at least
But you're nowhere near
You're in a place far away
With a friend
Or who you think is a friend
But what does he think of you?
You do not know that.
You think you know,
But you do not.
It's all secrets.
Mysteries ....
See where that got him?
No. ... I did not think so.
I like him this friend of yours.
He means quite a lot to me ....
Hell, he knows it
Writing .... I know because, you'd never read
Never gonna read
Not the kind of thing you do
You just do not.
Not your style
I like it
Your style
His too
Different, but still
I am lost ....
But this time
For words.
Lost for words
Words do not get things right.
A smile set things straight
Only you can not smile with words ....
Can you?
Words fail me.
Do they fail you?
Or is it just me ...?
They fail me ....
And still .... I am here - using them.
I just realized that i stopped talking to you.
Saying "you" but do not mean you.

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