среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Nachtrag part 1

Tokyo .... So ....
Where only begin .... Lang did not write it.

Arrival in tokyo
Was tired, because the days before 1 to 3 hours slept.
Second Allergie tag. Swollen eyes, very sexy. Gsd hats seen none. And ausschlag. Ned is more of the left .... Ausschlag, then skin ....
Kinokuniya in harry potter brochure! ! !
Matthias purchased with denchijisho in akihabara.
The people in harajuku on a saturday randomly. Unausgemacht .... The world is so small.

There was no WHAM! And no WOOOOW! .... Am not panicked, swept of my feet. No no! Hats are not everything.

Whenever something is stupid ....
So you go!


How true, how true ....

The food here is bad, unbelievable. For us it is exotic and expensive Japanese eat. But times really. For the price .... This is not a good price performance verhaeltnis.

You can eat the maximum even eat. The second time dus can no longer see. The first three are biting good, then you badly.

The veggie missing .... I never veggie is sooo off here. I am not a vegetarian. But I like to eat veggie. And their Tue. veggie stuff koennens to save. There is not one about the emotion of veggie, but only by sour and salty. I eat is the already so bad. And I am only bissl about a week here.

Veggie needs her .... But it is apparently not as trend here. In contrast to dackeln. The seem so much in it. All rennens with dackeln around .... Call after hab been kept sheep .... But none seen ....

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