среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Other baustelle (umbau .... rohentwurf)

Just sit with a friend, the friend may not know that I am with him on. I check my emails .... I think nothing boeses. Then, in an email from a friend that I freundin from his party - and hausverbot received. Nice .... The case with the eifersucht. And after something has happened hopefully, I should probably ask me what I do wrong .... So, what do I do wrong?

- Idea. Perhaps I do not what is wrong, but the friends! You can not openly talk with their friends .... But why not really. They have angst before conflicts and dispute?

I talk to your friends. Open and honest. And I have no ulterior. They are my friends. But as so often happens to me, I am sure I am the minority. But they are gay and lesbian, too.

Krieg also why I repeatedly this "friend" -verbot.

I will damn your friends. I have my own!

Why do it all myself. I did not even ask for someone to be like me! I will be honest. And say what I think. And with the people on the way that I want and if I want to be alone also. Not in a group and not as paerchen. I can call them whenever I want and you can talk with them whenever I want.

I take it you are not gone. What have you for a problem?

So lassts me just rest. Let me rest my watch pornos. Let me rest in the penthouse durchblaettern. Let me rest falter. Behaltets you your friends.

I have really enough. I will no longer be the girl friend or the man is with the well understands and can talk to, but you must hide DA GAR ALTHOUGH NO! !

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