среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Still not online
I'm off thanks for telling me in advance btw
Love and peace
Flowers everywhere .... You see them?
I do ....
I like flowers too
And stones ....
Always stoned
And flowerd
Flowers are beautiful
Flowers are really
Good night you princes of maine, you kings of new england
I love you ....
Both of you ....
And I'm not just saying that ....
I mean it
Although you might think i say it too often
Too much, but not enough .... Like in the song ....
Ye know?
Probably you get it right the other days ....
Telling me if and when you're coming on
I'm going to the land of dreams now ....
Flowers, man .... I tell you
Broken pretty flowers
Broken ....
Like me
Do you remember me?
Really remember me?
Not really huh?
I thought so.
I had a beer today
And right after that .... Or mixed up
Singapore sling a ....
But it was served with ice ....
It should be served straight up
What you think bout that, huh?
But not so into cocktails are ye?
Me neither, man
But what the fuck does it matter
I thought ....
Man, you can as well go for it
Fuck vodka ....
Get yourself a cocktail
(Now I'm talking to meself)
Soo .... I got myself a singapore sling
And then an espresso ....
But it really tasted like hot water with a coffee filter in it ....
I put milk in
But that did not help much either
So. I did not drinkt it
What ye say to that?
I am talking shit?
Yes. But I'm not taking no shit, man
Waited a little longer
But where are you?
Not here
Not with me
I'm sitting here
Not in the dark
But still .... Alone
Why am i doing this
Hell, i do not
I do not know
Then night ....

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