среда, 24 октября 2007 г.


I like myself i hate myself
I do not know what to think i do not know what to say
I feel confused
Sometimes we all fuck up, right?
Sometimes others fuck up and we do not, right?
I want you to understand what I'm saying.
To take in every word i say and to know the meaning of it. It really know.
Adults are fuck-ups. Everyone knows that!
How come we're adults now?
Nobody asked me if i wanted to be one.
It was just like waking up to it.
There's no fairness in this
When a man loves a woman
That's on tv right now ....
Pretty fucked up
I'm glad I'm not an alcohlic
I do not like cinnamon
A cinnamon-cappucino coffee is the first i got here
Not good
But what is this to you?
In all colors
The red and yellow ones are my favorites
But you like orange
But this might not be so with butterflies
I forgot how to say butterfly in japanese
Cho, cho-something
Fuck it.
This is not trying to mimic what i think i think you'd think you'd like .... This is just everything i can think of at the moment. This is different is not it? Yeah it is .... And that's OK with me ....
Do me a favor, will you? Stop the categorizing .... just stop .... that's not the way it all works.
Everything is just the way it is. That's it. Not more, not less.
Just the way it is ....

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