среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Who will pay me the therapy?

You do not need such things to tell me. I am not as you say. So how you treat me, you must not be surprised that I am so. As soon as I can, I am gone. I am so quickly away your tears is not yet ready to bake runtergeronnen. You think I am so, because you do not understand how I am. And that is why you use words that you know. But it is just as if your wortschatz from love and neid. And every time people who met you and you will find not unsypathisch, you say "love." And what if someone, which you would like to, because you do well, you can not "may have" say, but only "neid."
And you want honesty from me. I do not know whether I can be responsible for that as long as your tränendrüsen tränen produce until they no longer can, and your eyes look as you would not slept for days. And that you did not sleep days .... It should not my fault.
But gratitude I can not expect.
But rest. I can not have? Then I must go.
Why I am still not gone? Because I still can not do.
Now I really must go.

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