четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

You make me so sad
Both of you
I do not know
I do not understand
It's over
I give chances
Not only second
Again and again
And again
Maybe you consider me dumb
I believe in the good
People make mistakes
Not only once
More often
And again and again
And again ....
A promise is not a promise
Other ... Mistake again
But we all do
People love
Love's not perfect
Nothing is
Everything is
I hope
Against reason
But that's what is about hope
Is not it
Hope is hope
Also not perfect
But somehow everything there is sometimes
So, perfect
Hope you are really fine
A masked ball is only funny if it's not your life
Hope you fine
Hope you are wrong
In that matter
Hope you never break again
But also hope you can give everything again

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