четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.


You have a life of your own. But everythime when I'm with you-i seem to forget that. It's like .... There's only the two of us. And there has never been anything else.
.... .... But then i remember. Not only you have a life of your own. I have one too.


Sometimes, this world on the same level with his world. But only briefly. And with my world comes mostly at the airport. It is not so that they have something special. It is only because, quite OS from everything else. Like going into the wardrobe and then coming out again. But no magic in there, no aslan. Only him. Just a different world. You can not really compare them.
But i still like mine better. Here in my world he is the i need. Here .... He is the i love.

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